Charity Calendar 2020!

Brand: Patchshopgirls
Shipping time 7 dni

For the second time we are publishing a girl's cycling calendar, the income from which will be allocated to help in the rehabilitation of Tomek, who had a serious accident during one of the big cycling races.

Almost every cyclist knows Tomek. Everyone also knows that Tomek is always willing to help others. This time he needs ours! Let's join forces and collect the money so much needed in proper rehabilitation! That he would spend kilometers with us as soon as possible!

This time girls from all over Poland joined our campaign. In the calendar you will find photos of girls from various parts of our country!

They are all amazing and have great heart!

The photographer, as always, is irreplaceable Agnieszka Kolon.

This time it's better! The calendar in A3 size, on a beautiful and best quality! paper!


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