Cycling Panties - Black

Brand: Patchshopgirls
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Patchshopgirls- a group of girlfriends who love bikes so much, that they decided to create a womans underwear, to make bike trips more comfortable. A trip out of town, distance to work or a girls night out, that you are going to with your bike? Our Cycling Panties are made for that purpose - shortdistance convinience, that looks good under skinny jeans and even cocktail dress.

Made for woman by woman. You will feel the difference on short distance, we promise!

Best quality Italian insert and fabrics, will make it work for a long time.

XS: waist 60-67 cm ,thighs 85-93 cm
S: waist 64-69cm, thighs 90-95cm
M: waist 71-75cm, thighs 97-100cm
L: waist 84-89cm, thighs 104-110cm


90% polyester
10% lycra


Elastic Interface Urban Women


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